Mictrack 4G GPS Tracker MT600 Feedback

Ehsan Khani3 years ago

Hi There,

I have a MT600 V1.0. every time I send code 6660000 to the device it returns 00.000 00.000. I checked the APN and set the one my provider suggested.

Mictrack3 years ago

Hi Ehsan,

If you get the 00.000 00.000 means GPS unavailable, pls check the GPS antenna if install correct and also make the device outside to get a better GPS signal.


alexthefifth3 years ago

It there a version of 4G MT600 that supports 2-way communication (over-the-air programming)?

Mictrack3 years ago

MT600 do not support two-way communication and MT600 Plus supports that.

Ehsan Khani3 years ago

The device is working with GPS server. as it is sending the right coordination to the server. why is not sending the same coordination through SMS is puzzled me.

alexthefifth3 years ago

Hi Mictrack,

Could you send the manual for MT600 Plus? I want to know what kind of two-way communication it supports. What kind of commands? Does it only support SMS commands or does it accept commands via TCP/UDP also?

Ehsan Khani3 years ago
alexthefifth3 years ago

That manual doesn't mention 2-way communication. It seems all commands are same as the regular MT600 manual:

Ehsan Khani3 years ago

yes. I assume we are dealing with a bug here.

damien yong3 years ago

mt600 constantly hops, motorbike stands still :


Chris3 years ago

Last evening + night, I got 100+ sms/text message, due to the fact that my battery was low.
Please introduce a threshold before resending this same sms/text message. I am on a paid plan. It is of NO good use to get this message very 5 minutes.

Please bring a firmware update.

alexthefifth2 years ago

@Anton Tananaev

We have a number of MT600 units and we do not set a password on them (leave them on defaults since our SIM card doesn't have have SMS access)

We had to modify Tlt2hProtocolDecoder.java


        .number("#d+")                       // password


        .number("#d*")                       // password
Anton Tananaev2 years ago

Feel free to send a pull request.

alexthefifth2 years ago

@Mictrack the ltl2h protocol seems to support things like temperature, voltage etc.. and I can see that data when connected to it via USB, but is there any way to make the device send the data to traccar? It seems the packets the MT600 sends do not contain that information

Peter JombĂ­k2 years ago

@alexthefifth. more things as temperature, doors has only MT600plus version

and this informations are showed only in latest version of traccar. I sended money to developers to implement it... thats why i know it