Reporting not working

fonnie6 years ago


i've build the Traccar from source (to include the new Megastek MT60-X protocol)

everything works, i receveive the update from the gps device.

In the webpage (locolhost:8082) I can see the last position
but when I try to have a report (select device, select periode, show) nothing happens

I did not install or configure a special database, so I think i'm on the standard database

do you know what can be the problem?

best regards

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Usually it means that you selected wrong time interval. Look at the latest position time in the State panel and then pick time interval that includes that time.

fonnie6 years ago


it does work, I've did not select the type of report I wanted to see, an then nothing happens.

In the project build I seem to have more parameters to select, type + device

This magical piece of software you are creating is getting better and better.

Keep going

Thanks again