Traccar for Android changes

tacman11234 years ago

Can you describe the changes in Traccar for Android? We forked it a while ago to add some more security (username/password instead of device id), sent more data (gps accuracy, etc.), sent points via HTTP and cached them if they weren't sent.

Now it looks like 3.5 does many of these things, and I'm wondering if we should re-do our app based on the new code base. Alas, our app isn't working very well now, I don't know if it's because of fundamental Android OS changes or what, but we rarely collect many points. (This was true of Traccar as well). But now the new version of Traccar seems MUCH better.

Can you summarize what's changed in the last year for Traccar Client for Android?



Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Major update was 3.3:

Key changes are new protocol (HTTP-based) and buffering data in the database if not sent. Removed mixed provider to simplify logic.

Version 3.4:
Just some bug fixes.

Version 3.5:
Implemented mixed provider again, but the logic is completely different from the original one.

borozenetsvv4 years ago

Появилось ли подтверждение о доставке координат на сервер?

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Подтверждение доставки появилось.