This is a change log for older versions of Traccar. For newer releases details please see releases on blog.

2.11 (17 Jan 2015)

Support for four new protocols including Ulbotech and Tramigo. Port 5000 is now special port for identifying communication protocols. In addition to that this version includes number of bug fixes and improvements.

2.10 (03 Nov 2014)

Support for two new protocols: Orion and Riti. Included universal data source class to improve support for various database engines.

2.9 (24 Aug 2014)

New protocols added: MiniFinder, Haicom, eeLink, Box, Freedom, Telik Pikotrack, Trackbox and Visiontek. This version also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements to old protocols.

2.8 (20 Apr 2014)

Implemented support for STL060 and CarTrack protocols. Fixed issues which allowed to create duplicate users and devices in database. Lots of server bug fixes and improvements includins support for Nominatim reverse geocoding server.

2.7 (26 Jan 2014)

Three new protocols including taip, khd and piligrim plus various fixes and improvements to old protocols.

2.6 (10 Nov 2013)

Release fixes a major bug introduced in 2.5 version for some protocols. In addition to that there are some minor improvements for existing protocols.

2.5 (04 Nov 2013)

Bug fixes, new libraries and one new protocol - Sanav. Totem and AVL08 protocols have been merged.

2.4 (23 Aug 2013)

Improvements to existing protocols and support for new 12 protocols including ruptela, aplicom, m2m mini, osmand and others. Also this release includes change to the logging system which allows daily log file rotation.

2.3 (21 Jul 2013)

Bug fixes, new libraries and 4 new protocols including apel, manpower, globalsat and atrack.

2.2 (02 May 2013)

Display additional status information from trackers in web interface. A few bug fixes, libraries update and 9 new protocols including wondex, tk102, intellitrac and other popular protocols.

2.1 (28 Feb 2013)

Web interface improvements, including new settings menu and device status panel. Added megastek, navigil, gpsgate, teltonika, mta6, tlt2h and syrus protocols. A lot of small fixes.

2.0 (12 Jan 2013)

New web interface with user management, tracks on map and automatically updated device locations. Added tr20, navis, meitrack, skypatrol, gt02 and gt06 protocols. A lot of bug fixes and small improvements.

1.4 (04 Nov 2012)

Added 6 new protocols and 20 or more new trackers support (not all of them were tested, so please report if some tracker doesn't work with traccar). Some bug fixes, optimizations and updated libraries.

1.3 (23 Aug 2012)

Critical problem fix (correct json formatting on server side).

1.2 (21 Aug 2012)

Added support for Suntech trackers (ST210, ST900 and others) and Maxon modem. Extended support for Queclink devices. A lot of bug fixes.

1.1 (13 Jul 2012)

Added support for Enfora and Meiligao trackers (including VT300, MVT600 and others). Included support for reverse geocoding. Also updated third party libraries and fixed a few bugs.

1.0 (16 May 2012)

First release, all previous version were beta. Created installers, bundle all libraries with setup package. Added simple web interface (default port 8082). Added support for AVL-05 and AVL-08 trackers.